Three recovery podcasts you should be listening to

It seems podcasts are the latest fashion in the media world. To be honest, I may have completely missed the podcast boat if my husband hadn’t gotten so deeply enthralled by them. I would sit in the car with him and listen to podcasts on science, engineering, religious deconstruction and a range of other random topics. At first, it wasn’t really my thing, I’d just tune out or scroll through Facebook while he drove. I didn’t care for the endless chatter and opinions, I’d rather spend my downtime sitting in nature, having a nap or reading a book (and all the introverts say ‘Amen!’).

However, as I looked into the big wide world of podcasts, I discovered an entirely new recovery community, and I was impressed. I think I may have exhausted the internet’s supplies of female sex addiction blogs and my bookshelf is overflowing with resources, so the discovery of a range of porn addiction recovery podcasts was a breath of fresh air. Here, I discovered compelling stories, new methods of healing and up-to-date information, specifically for women. The information was so fresh, it was coming out every week, or even every few days, and I loved it.

I discovered many fantastic resources for women who struggle with pornography, but here are my top three recommendations:

1.Worth recovery

Worth Recovery is a fantastic podcast developed and hosted by Amy Smith for women who struggle with sexual addiction. She is a recovering sex and food addict herself, and this podcast is her way of giving back and adding a woman’s voice to the conversation surrounding sex addiction.

In this podcast, Amy shares her own recovery experiences and thoughts as she continues to keep herself on the road to recovery. Worth Recovery is all about dispelling shame and building hope in the lives of recovering women.

It is a down-to-earth, practical and engaging resource which speaks uniquely and directly into women’s lives. Episodes are easily digestible, and keep to a realistic time limit (20-30 minutes) but definitely  have enough content and gusto to get you reflecting and challenging yourself to a better life.

It is informative, encouraging and most of all, a safe place for women who feel disheartened and alone.

Find Worth Recovery podcast here.

2. Love junkie

The Love Junkie Podcast is hosted by Shena Tubbs, Licensed Professional Counselor with years of training in Marriage and Family Therapy. Shena’s specialty is working with survivors of trauma and abuse and those who struggle with love, sex and porn addictions, co-dependency and boundaries.

The Love Junkie podcast is a project Shena runs on the side of her therapy practice. The podcast is dedicated to giving hope and practical advice to those who struggle with love addiction (the persistent pursuit and fantasy of unavailable romantic partners), sex/porn addiction, codependency, and trauma. Every week, she explores either an issue (providing advice and tools to overcome it) or features a story of someone who has been trapped in unhealthy patterns and has overcome. The purpose of each episode is to help listeners live their best life now, by building a relationship with the most important person in their life- themselves!

Shena has a calming and friendly presence as a host and has a great deal of expertise to share with women struggling with sex, porn and masturbation addictions. Each episode finishes with a challenge or activity to consolidate what listeners have just heard, which makes this an extremely effective recovery tool.

Find Love Junkie podcast here.

3. Sex, Love and Addiction 101

Sex, Love, and Addiction 101 is hosted by Dr Robert Weiss, licensed therapist, sexologist and author of numerous books including Sex Addiction 101, Out of the Doghouse, Cruise Control, and Always Turned On. He has spent more than 25 years treating, educating, and writing about intimacy and sexual disorders and was even kind enough to endorsed Restored!

This podcast is not specifically for women, but nonetheless there is an abundance of expertise and advice contained in every episode which has incredible value for any person in recovery.

The aim of Sex, Love and Addiction 101 is to create a forum where you can learn about sex, love and relationship addictions in frank, informative, recovery-focused ways. Dr Rob’s primary goal is to bring you advice, opinions, and feedback from experts around the world on sexual addiction, sexual trauma, relationship infidelity, and love addiction.  

Find Sex, Love and Addiction 101 here.

Check them out

I do hope you will investigate these three resources. Whether you’re already a podcast junkie or have no idea what app to download to start your listening journey, I encourage you to pursue them. Each and every one of these podcasts will add to your recovery and challenge you in ways you don’t even know you need yet!

Have you got another recovery podcast you think should make the list? Share your recommendation and reviews in the comments!

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