Restored: A Woman’s Guide to Overcoming Pornograhy

Porn: Not just a guy’s issue.

Have you ever felt as though you are the only woman to struggle with porn addiction? Have you ever felt as though you’re too far gone to ever be helped?

One in three visitors to adult websites are women. So why is there a resounding silence for women looking for recovery resources? How are women meant to recover when they have simply been left out of the conversation?

Alice Taylor knows firsthand the loneliness, shame and desperation of being a woman hooked on pornography. She also knows just what it takes to overcome addiction and live a full life of freedom.

Restored offers hope in the form of a guide for any woman struggling with compulsive sexual behaviours. With compassion, vulnerability, a touch of humour, and a uniquely feminine voice, this book outlines ten steps to break free from pornography and shame, and experience the joy of restoration.

On this journey you will delve into real recovery stories and tackle serious questions such as:

• Is masturbation okay for a Christian woman?
• How do I tell someone I struggle with sexual sin?
• How do I overcome feelings of shame?
• Why do I keep going back to porn?
• Can I have good married sex after porn addiction?
• Could God really forgive me?

This book acts as a powerful antidote to the secrecy of shame, speaking to the hearts and minds of women struggling with addiction.

You are not alone. Freedom is possible. And you, too, can be restored.